Tyler's First Biology Lesson

Tyler's First Biology Lesson

Tyler was a bright little boy. Sunny, chirpy, full of beans. And keenly interested in nature, life, everything that lived and moved. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, being proud and enlightened parents, did everything they could to encourage their son's interests.

So one Saturday morning just after breakfast, when Tyler ran into the kitchen, eyes wild with excitement, screaming: 'Mum! Mum! Come and look at this spider', Mrs. Thomas smiled indulgently at Tyler and examined the poor struggling creature squashed between his thumb and forefinger. As he held it up for his mother to see, she could see its thin little legs flailing about in the air trying vainly to get a foothold.

'Put it down, Tyler dear, before you squash the poor thing completely', said Mrs. Thomas, 'and let's have a proper look at it. Put it in this jar here so it doesn't run away.'

And she put a jar down on the table just in front of him. Tyler eased the creature into the jar and let it drop to the bottom, where its little legs went nineteen to the dozen as it scampered this way and that, trying to find a way out of its glass cage. And getting nowhere very fast.

'That's not a spider, dear', said Mrs. Thomas. 'Spiders have eight legs. This only has six. Unless you've pulled two off - which might explain why it's walking so oddly.' Then she turned to him with a scolding look on her face, 'You haven't pulled any of its legs off, have you Tyler?'

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