Kyselak was here - scenes from a life

Michael Robin's first novel is based on the extraordinary life of one of Austria's more obscure and fascinating eccentrics. Born in Vienna at the close of the 18th century, Joseph Kyselak rose to fame and notoriety through an unbridled compulsion literally to write his name all over the country, making him probably the world's first tagger long before Kilroy made his name.

Published by The Ascog Press, 2003, ISBN 0-9545989-1-1, £7.50.

Michael Robin is the pseudonym of Mike Mitchell. Originally an academic with a special interest in Austrian literature, he has been a literary translator for over ten years, mostly from German (e.g. Grimmelshausen, Meyrink, Kokoschka, Adolf Loos, Friedrich Glauser, Herbert Rosendorfer, Helmut Krausser) and some from French (Rodenbach: Bruges-la-Morte, Mercedes Deambrosis). Kyselak is his first novel.

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