Tales of Grin - The Magic Opening Chord

Faced with a choice between piano lessons or following in the footsteps of his scientist father, Grin cannot resist the lure of mystery he feels when he visits his fatherís labs. But he could never have imagined what doors his own attempts at scientific research would open up for him. Or where these doors would lead...

A children's fantasy
"too horrid for children"

Tales of Grin cover ISBN 978-0-9546022-0-8

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...and if you thought that was horrid, try this.

Tales of Grin is also linked to a challenging virtual treasure hunt, which really calls for a little parental help. The treasure is still there waiting to be discovered. But you can also find some extra help on the ToG BloG, where further tips are added every so often.

And for those less inclined towards cryptic clues, there is also a straightforward quiz with prizes to be won. You can find out more about the quiz here on the Tog BloG.

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