Henry with an Eye

By the author of Tales of Grin - The Magic Opening Chord. If you thought that was too horrid for children, then this is definitely not for you. It's even horrider!

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When Henry discovers the magic of painting - and the way oils manage to bring a picture to life - he has no idea what he is letting himself in for. He does not think a lot of Henri Matisse, but he finds Henri Rousseau a revelation.

Seeing that so many of the great artists share the same first name with him, except for that last tiny letter, he decides to write his own name with an i. What he does not realise at first is that the secret to his artistic talents lies not so much in the letter i as in the mind's eye. But when Henry eventually appreciates what a very special eye he has, it is already too late.

His very first painting sets him on the road to an unimaginable nightmare, winding up in the hands of a very dubious bunch of artists.

Excerpt 1

The Wedding Party is an opportunity for Henry to meet some members of the wider family he has not seen in a long time and to recall why he is glad he does not see them more often. Not least of these is the cantankerous Aunt Phoebe - a woman with strange habits and mysterious powers who is soon to play a much larger part in his life than he would have wished ...

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Excerpt 2

After the family visit to an exhibition of paintings by Henri Rousseau and other na´ve painters, Henry acquires a taste for painting with oils and for the way oils have of bringing a picture to life ...

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Excerpt 3

At last comes the moment when Henry can try out his own skill with the brushes. And for his first painting in oils, he chooses a primeval forest setting with two of his favourite creatures ...

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Excerpt 4

When Henry finally puts the last brush strokes to his very first painting, he cannot help but be impressed by the way oils manage to bring a picture to life ...

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