Both for the young and for the not so young, books, like spiders' webs, have the power to fascinate and captivate. They can capture the imagination just as surely as the spider traps its prey.

Even the finest and most fragile-looking webs are deceptively robust and capable of ensnaring insects much larger than the spider itself - in fact, just the thing for our hero in Tales of Grin - The Magic Opening Chord.

Some webs, like some kinds of writing, are also built for courtship. Others are so intricately beautiful they might equally serve as dream-catchers. And perhaps if our hero in Henry with an Eye had taken a spiderís web as the cue to his first painting, he might not have landed himself in quite so much trouble. But whichever way you look at it, they are all essentially there for one thing. For capture.

If youíre prepared to be caught, then please feel free to explore these pages of the web more closely.